Get to your customers before your competitors while minimizing costs and errors

Specialized in Enterprise Cloud-Native transformations, we enable our customers every step of the journey, helping them achieving extreme velocity and quality.

Our products

Radically reduce time and resources you spend on Cloud Infrastructure management, Audit, Security Assessments, and Coordination

Fractal Cloud

  • Solve the multi-cloud bottleneck
  • Minimize human error in production

Through Fractal, our infrastructure automation tool, you will be able to deploy your infrastructure and install your software literally anywhere your customer needs it. Whether it is on-prem standard bare-metal servers, VMs, Kubernetes clusters or new shiny PaaS cloud services, Fractal lets you abstract from the infrastructure complexity and makes you deliver at extremely high velocity and quality.

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  • Business-driven security for your Applications
  • State-of-the-art protection for your Micro-services

Ocelot adopts a business-driven approach. The team owning a specific service is now able to define security policies in code and commit them to their source control system together with the service code. Through Ocelot they can now granularly control which service should be involved for each specific business operation, which user is allowed to perform these operations and which roles, attributes and security level is required.

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Our services

As cloud engineers we've came across these common problems in our field, and created our products to solve them. Once and for all.

Cloud Reliability Center

Focus on what you do best while our specialized teams take care of your infrastructure 24/7.

Through our tools, experience and automated Operations Center, we are able to support a myriad of installations across data center distributed around the globe.

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We hold tailored hands-on training for teams to become more efficient in their work on multiple cloud vendors (Azure, GCP, AWS) and models (IaaS, CaaS, PaaS, FaaS, etc.)

Together with your team we analyze their current situation regarding cloud-native, big-data, and related technologies embarking on a specific learning path aligned with your business ambitions.

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From Strategy and Management Consultancy focused on Cloud Adoption and Agile Methodologies, to pragmatic Development of Cloud Native Applications, we have professionals ready to join your teams and help you raise the bar.

Furthermore, we are specialized in turning legacy systems into competitive advantage, allowing your company to capitalize on the existing system and move forward at the pace of start-ups.

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