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YanchWare is an independent and opinionated software house specialized in Cloud Computing and IT Security.

Exploit the full potential of Cloud Computing

Based on more than a decade of experience in the industry, we have noticed that the largest part of enterprises today are approaching cloud computing without any effective Cloud Strategy.

This results in suboptimal utilization of the amazing power of cloud computing as enterprises are effectively only able to choose between the two extremes of cloud governance:

chaos of un-governed environments or over-tight cloud dictatorships.

Our Secret Sauce

Fractal Architecture

At YanchWare we believe we have found a solution in what we think is a novel approach to Cloud Computing. We have called it Fractal Architectures.

We have been using Fractal Architectures for more than 2 years now in several industries working together with very large enterprises, and we can safely say that the results are outstanding.

We are able to spread cloud computing best practices across teams in the same enterprise and even across multiple enterprises at a velocity never witnessed before. Moreover, we can sustain constant development and delivery on cloud infrastructure with minimal support and special knowledge required, minimizing friction between DevSecOps teams.

We are proud of

Turning legacy into competitive advantage

We have turned in record time Mainframe ERP systems into reactive event sources, streaming at thousands of messages a second. Our customer's micro-services running on the cloud can now use this data in near real time without the need of expensive heavy nightly jobs.

Creating new revenue streams

Together with some strong customers, we have created new revenue streams for them, turning their on-prem products into fully scalable SaaS solutions.

Helping our customers succeed

We are helping our customers reaching new heights through Cloud Native transformations, full automation of infrastructure instantiation, application security, training, and so much more.

Our History

The innovation we bring in the field of cloud computing through our products and practices, is definitely really exciting but it is not the only thing that makes us unique. Our founder, Angelo Agatino Nicolosi, came from Sicily in 2008 to study in Aarhus University. The main pull was his passion for Cryptography and security and the crypto research group @ Århus University is just one of the best in the world.

He was immediately impressed by the fantastic relationship between teachers and students, their openness and passion, the blameless culture, and the flat hierarchy keeping all so engaging and ever-evolving.

But what he learned afterwards was even more surprising. All that wonder did not stop at the Academic enclave. It permeates and radiates into the social structures surrounding it; you get all of that by working at almost any company in Denmark.

Our Vision

We at YanchWare are bringing the Nordic way we run and do business everywhere else in the world. This awesomeness must be exported for the benefit of everyone.

The true objective of YanchWare is to reduce the gap between north and south of the world, west and east.

Through our services, products and training not only we can create jobs, but we can invest in people and help professionals grow regardless of where they are located.

Sustainable Development Goals

Quality Education

Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all.

Reduced Inequalities

Reduce inequality within and among countries.

Decent Work

Promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all.

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