Business-Driven Authorization Engine for Cloud-Native Applications.

You are in control

Through Ocelot you can define which services should be involved in each specific business operations, which users are allowed to perform these actions as well as which roles, attributes or security levels are required.

Protect your services from the very beginning

Ocelot assigns identities to your workloads as soon as your first commits are merged to your main branch.

Even before your environments have any running code, Ocelot knows about the services your team are developing based on the definitions they commit to their source repository. This ensures that each single service has segregated identities associated with specific roles and permissions even before those services are actually deployed to the different production and non-production environments.

Business-Driven Authorization

Take a business-centric approach to security by making Ocelot aware of your business operations.

Define specific policies describing how services collaborate with each other in order to complete a specific business operation. Specify which role and/or permission is required to trigger such operations and let Ocelot enforce these rules.

Define a distributed security policy in the easiest and most effective way

Fine-grained Control

Open ID Connect Support

Ocelot integrates with any Open ID Connect Identity provider, so that you do not need to copy paste your current setup anywhere.

Dynamic Session Security

Ocelot supports dynamic session security level that changes through its lifetime based on security events happening throughout the IT landscape.

Custom scopes and roles

Ocelot can fit your business perfectly thanks to the ability of defining custom scopes and roles.

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