Fractal Cloud

Define your solution once. Deploy them on any Cloud Vendor.

Fractal Cloud is an application-driven multi-cloud management platform.

It helps you building your solutions as a set of standard, security hardened, reusable components deployable across multiple cloud platforms, without requiring your teams to rewrite your infrastructure definitions when shifting provider.

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Multi-cloud Providers
No Domain Specific Language
No specialized Cloud Infrastrure Staff required
Multi-cloud Templates
Hardened Components
Build and expose custom infrastructure operations
Automated components update

Simple, transparent pricing

Thought and built for Enterprise Scale

Two approaches available to support your organization in any situation

Live-System First

  • Focus on the end system for quick roll-outs
  • Best for PoCs and Moonshots projects

Using the approach we named "Live-System first" you are able to describe the desired state of your infrastructure through code, pretty much as you might already be doing today.

However, the difference is that with very limited amount of code you will be able to spawn tailored infrastructure to the need of your application using standard and security-hardened components ready to support your application and services.

When you are then ready for enterprise grade, you can extract a reusable Blueprint from your running Live System, making it available for your colleagues across your organization, ensuring cross-pollination of proven best-practices, technologies and architectures.

Fractal First

  • Focus on reusability and automation across your organization
  • Advised on establishing a cloud adoption and governance framework at the enterprise level

Through the approach we named "Fractal first" you tackle Cloud-Native complexity at the enterprise level from the very beginning.

You will first define Blueprints, reusable sets of components and their relations, which put the basis for a compliant solutions in your IT Landscape. To each Blueprint you can then associate an Interface, a versioned set of operations through which the Blueprint can be modified ensuring the application compliance remains unaltered.

Any teams authorized will then be able to instantiate a specific Blueprint on any cloud vendor you have enabled, resulting in the creation of a Live System they own.

The latter will be able to be extended and tailored directly by the team owning it without requiring any access to any actual cloud environment; they will instead use the APIs exposed by the associated Interface.

Supported Components

With Fractal Cloud you can choose across several components picked among the best in the industry at solving the hard parts of Cloud-Native application development. These components are security hardened, automatically integrated and ready to be used in your production environments.


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